Sweet Lady Biscuits

Mustapha just came into the kitchen where his wife was making him a fresh pot of tea.

“Had a good day at work, dear?” she said.

He sat down on a chair near the kitchen counter, tired but still feeling talky.

“Well.. We got a new guy transferred to our department.” he said as he picked up a curry puff from the plate on the table and broke it in half.
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The Fool On The Bus

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Two women were having their lunch break so Risa decided to join them. The two ladies' lively chat was cut short on Risa's arrival. Or rather, the subject of the discussion changed.

“I thought you were going to have your lunch by yourself today..” the lankier woman said, with a pout.

“Oh come on, I was just finishing up some stuff at my station, Jules.” Risa replied.

“By the way, we were just talking about your father,” the other woman quipped.

Risa let out a slight groan, "It's all I ever hear about these past few days, Ana.."

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Miracle Fruit

“What are you so excited about?”, said the tall man in a white apron.

The skinny, well-groomed, smiling young lad he was talking to replied, “It's my first day in my first restaurant.”

“Really?” the man continued, with a bit of a smirk. “This'll be the longest first day you'll ever have, then. Go get dressed and help Parminder at the frying station, the lunch rush is coming in.”

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A Day at The Bank

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Pak Qasim really didn't feel like going out today. It was Friday you see, and although the old man is no longer employed, he still feels like he's entitled to some rest today. He can't though. He promised his daughter he would help out in paying the road tax this month. Which is only fair, since he help get rid of the old road tax sticker. Granted, he also got rid of the old windshield too. But it was already cracked and needed repair anyway, he's just helping things along.

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That Kid With The Fingers

There's this kid I know who had five fingers. Only five fingers for his two hands. He is the happiest little kid I know. Every time I see him he's always smiling. Some days in the evenings I would have to go outside and call my little brother home for dinner and I'll find him playing with that kid with the fingers. Like today. They're both talking about a riddle they just heard and are both trying to figure it out.

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